We’re back!!!

Sorry we’ve not been visiting much – me and Mama have been on a 3 week holiday! We’re back now and once we’ve got all the washing done, we’re gonna “pop round” and see you all.

Here’s a photo of me and my shadow at Mablethorpe, on the beach in the beautiful sunshine last Friday!

Catch up with you all later!

Me and my shadow

Flashback Fridays

Now then – what do we have here. “What are you carrying” I hear you all yap! Well …… when on long walks, in the countryside, there’s often no bins to deposit our “evidence” (as I’ve often heard it called). So when on holiday in the Isle of Skye many years back, Mama came across this little “saddle-bag” affair and thought it would be more than useful if one of us wore it and carried away our “evidence” until a more appropriate receptacle appeared in which to dump the whole lot.

So, until recently I wore said saddle bags wherever we went. I used to go crazy with excitement when it was taken off it’s hook ‘cos I knew we’d be going out and about. These days though, my working days as a “beast of burden” are over as there’s lots of waste bins available.

I do have a more modern version of the saddle bags, in fact I have plenty of them over the years, and it’s not unknown for me to wear it, especially on a new and long walk when we are uncertain of the small conveniences to be found along the way.

Do any of you have a job you do – share if you do, it would be interesting to see if I’m the only unpaid Scottie in Blogville!

saddle bags

Sunglasses Day

Yappee! Sunglasses Day. Weather forecast said it would be raining here in the Midlands – thought I was gonna look pretty silly sitting in sunglasses in the rain – but hey ho! its sunny!

So here’s my contribution …… actually its “two for the price of one” so to speak, as Mama managed to get her image on my sunglasses too! Wow – I’m such a clever dude.

Grrrrrreat idea Ranger, Frankie and Ernie

sunglasses day

And now for the serious look …… gimme them treats!


I got Mail !!!!!!!

Whoa! A Box. For me. With my name on it. FAN-TAS-TIC!

Whoa! A package with my name on it!
Whoa! A package with my name on it!

I’m no Munchkin de Scottie who can open all her own packages, so I had to get Mama to open it for me.

Oh boy! Look what as inside …….

Oh Boy! Look at what's inside
Oh Boy! Look at what’s inside

I tried so hard to hold onto the little note inside the box, but I was too excited and needed to get a better look.

And an envelope with my name on it as well!
And an envelope with my name on it as well!

Mama was having none of it. She wanted me to hold onto that little envelope – I know I can do it ‘cos I had to do stuff like that when I went to Obedience Class and won lots of rosettes – but today – no how! no way! was I gonna hold onto that little card when there was better things inside the box to hold on to – know what I mean!

So I just dropped it and gave Her those Scottie Eyes ………

Ok Mama! I'll read it ..... if I must
Ok Mama! I’ll read it ….. if I must

Anyway, here’s what was written on the card ….

Here .... You can all read it properly, now let me get in that box!
Here …. You can all read it properly, now let me get in that box!

Thank You Finn, Charlie and Gizmo.

I really enjoyed taking part in Park Day 2.0. It was soooooo fun much. Looking forward to the next one and not just because I won a pressie, but for having fun and for meeting and making lots of other friends too! Three Ah-r-o-o-o-o s for Finn, Charley and Gizmo !!!!!