Choresday – off to a good start. Yeah? NO! It was only the banging and hollering of the meter reader man at the garden gate, that woke Mama up this morning ….. at 9:50am!! Her excuse was that she’d set Her alarm at 0600 to help Him wake up to catch the 0715 train to London – after that She promptly fell fast asleep.

So, after our brunch (!!!!) and her 14km exercise bike ride we’d hope to go for a walk. However, we reminded her that it was (a) now too hot and (b) the ironing needed doing. Compromise agreed …. Mama would do the sunbathing ironing  in the garden and we’d get to go on Fin’s favourite walk : round the local reservoir.

Both chores completed it was back home for a late tea …. must be something to do with not getting up till 10am or something.

However, there was one more chore left to do …. hose-duties – no not house duties but hose duties i.e. watering the gardens. Uh-oh another compromise loomed. Today was to be an AFD (Alcohol Free Day) Yeah! get real …. this is our Mama we’re talking about! So bottle of wine purchased on the way home from the Reservoir, tuna, cottage cheese and flax seed combo for dinner (that’s us not Her); followed by Mama with a glass of wine in one hand and the hose pipe in the other : what a way to end Choresday. How was yours?

8 thoughts on “Choresday

  1. Good thing there’s two of you to keep her going. Today is our chore day….cause the big NOISY truck comes tomorrow to steal the stuff in our bins. But SHE always gets up early. Sounds like a great day. SHE might try the red and watering trick.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


  2. There’s a simple solution. Get her a boda bag. She can put Her wine in it. You can start out with a walk and come home in a stagger.


    1. We were definitely busy snoopervising Her. As for hoping She wouldn’t drink too much, well as He says, “there’s two Hopes …. Bob Hope and No Hope!” We got the No Hope option. Still She did work hard … poor thing! Trust you two are ok?


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