Peemail Trail

Mum thought it would be funny to post a blog about us “peeing”. So here you will find photos of us reading and writing on the peemail trail.

What you will discover is that we are kept very busy each and every day, as there’s new stuff laid down regularly. And sometimes there are lengthy messages to read. We like to do our job right! Don’t all Scotties! (includes some photos of Gus ‘cos he was brilliant at reading and writing PeeMail)

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14 thoughts on “PeeMail

  1. I, Daisy, always have a huge drink before we head out on our walks. As for synchronised pee-ing, Bella always tries to pee exactly where I am, when I am! Sometimes she pees on my leg…yuck.

    XXXOOO Daisy (Bella & roxy)


    1. Yeah …yuck! However, that did sometimes happen here, but it was generally one of us boys peeing on either our sister or mama-dog when they were peeing in the spot we wanted to pee in! Sooo much fun hey?!


    1. When we hear Her putting on the ‘right trousers’ we head on over to the water bowl and take on ‘supplies’. She doesn’t know this, so let’s keep it our secret. Perhaps you could try it and maybe next time you won’t run out of ink!!


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