Fabi is acting the kitchen assistant whilst Mama makes a second batch of Meat Lovers Biscuits. Mmmmmm I wonder why ……..
Anyway, as they say “too many cooks spoil the broth” so I’m back here, at the doorway, snoopervising them both!
Must ask Mama why the 2nd batch ……



Thirsty Thursday …. not quite!

Mama has explicitly told me not to hog my own blog! Can you “scottie” believe it. Mama say’s I’ve got to let Fabi have a word. Well …. let me tell you a little secret: Fabi can’t speak! She can only growl, woof, and snap – and that’s usually at me, or on me, or anywhere near me. So I ask you, MY friends …. should I really let her have my bloggie!

Ooops, Mama’s just seen what I’ve written. She said I can keep it there, ‘cos and I quote “I bet all YOUR bloggie friends will agree with me – that Fabi should have a little post or two”.

Anyway, I’ve relented so here’s a “When Fabi Met” post, just to please Mama (Just wait till she see’s what I’ve got planned for next week – I might be needing a new home!)

When Fabi Met ……. The Crow

at the beach, there’s water there, so it’s nearly a proper Thirsty Thursday. Oh boy, I really wish that Crow would come and live with me – it’d take the pressure off!!

Scottish Castle,

There’s only a few complete castles left standing in Scotland and this is NOT one of them. This one is on the banks of the River Teviot. I took Mama and Dada on a Borders Abbeys Walk one day during our stay in Scotland. Such a tranquil stretch of water. And of course I had to take a slurp or two – photos of which you’ll see shortly under the usual title of ‘Thirsty Thursday’.