Thirsty Thursday …. not quite!

Mama has explicitly told me not to hog my own blog! Can you “scottie” believe it. Mama say’s I’ve got to let Fabi have a word. Well …. let me tell you a little secret: Fabi can’t speak! She can only growl, woof, and snap – and that’s usually at me, or on me, or anywhere near me. So I ask you, MY friends …. should I really let her have my bloggie!

Ooops, Mama’s just seen what I’ve written. She said I can keep it there, ‘cos and I quote “I bet all YOUR bloggie friends will agree with me – that Fabi should have a little post or two”.

Anyway, I’ve relented so here’s a “When Fabi Met” post, just to please Mama (Just wait till she see’s what I’ve got planned for next week – I might be needing a new home!)

When Fabi Met ……. The Crow

at the beach, there’s water there, so it’s nearly a proper Thirsty Thursday. Oh boy, I really wish that Crow would come and live with me – it’d take the pressure off!!

12 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday …. not quite!

  1. Bobby, sometimes everyone gets writer’s block. Relax and take a day off. Nobody will blame you if Fabi makes a bad post. I let Kaci post sometimes. However, it is OK to laugh at her.


  2. Fabi must have been exhausted after all that crow chasing, mind you, I bet Dada was after he chased down Fabi.

    Sometimes its good to share Bobby, but only blogs, not food, toys, Mama’s lap etc…………


    1. Mama couldn’t stop laughing as we both watched the pair of them hurtling down the beach with the crow leading them!

      Might just take a back seat for a while – but not as you say with food and definitely not Mama’s lap or her pillow on the bed!


  3. You mean she doesn’t have her own blog, something wrong there! Yep your right, thats funny her chasing the crow and Dada chasing her!

    The Mad Scots


  4. This younger sibling thing can be a real drag butt you just got to make it work to your advantage…put your paws up…take a peaceful nap while she tries to figure out the blogging thing, you see where I’m going with this?

    Wally (and Sammy)

    PeeS: loved the video Fabi


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