Thirsty Thursday


Here’s me, slurping my way through a bowl of water at Gerardo’s Italian Restaurant in Mablethorpe. This is part of our routine when we are at our “other home”: Mama and I walk along the beach into Mablethorpe where I have my water and she has a cappuccino. She’s got a ‘loyalty card’ and she’ll get 1 coffee free after she’s bought 10 at £3.00 each!!

See also my new blue coat. No, it’s not to keep me warm, I’m not that sort – it’s to keep the sea spray and drizzle off my back when we are walking. I think I look quite ‘dapper’. Does anyone else wear coats when they go out? Let me know ‘cos I don’t want to be the only one!

St Andrew’s Day

st-andrews-cross1Today, here in the UK is St. Andrew’s Day. Saint Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland. It is also the last day of November and so tomorrow starts the Countdown to Christmas.

I’ll be changing my ‘theme’ just for the month. I’ll also be highlighting a few “scottie” based websites, so if you’ve not bought all your pressies yet, you might want to take a look. Don’t worry, we’re not affiliated with any of them – we just like them.

Also I shall be doing a “christmas based them posting” starting from 13th December, running through to Christmas Eve. No competition this year, just a bit of fun. From Christmas Day onwards, Mama has asked for a holiday (cheeky!) – I’m still thinking about that one, so if you don’t hear from us till the New Year, don’t panic, I’ll have conceded to her demands.

And finally, for those of you who may have guessed – I have a new “sister”, Fabi – she’s not fabby in my eyes, she’s rather an intrusion, but I’ll get used to her, so to round off this part of my year, here’s a photo of the little trouble maker …..



Walking with Romans

deere street

Well …. not quite walking with Romans, but walking upon the ancient route known as “Deere Street” built by the Romans some 2,000 years ago. In places the road was typically Roman – straight as a die – but every now and then there was a little bit of a curve as the road navigated around a mountain or two. Mama said the Romans were good, but even they had to bow down to a mountain being in their way. This is such a desolate and remote part of the Scottish Borders I can’t understand why they came this far – but I’m very glad we did!