Thirsty Thursday


Here’s me, slurping my way through a bowl of water at Gerardo’s Italian Restaurant in Mablethorpe. This is part of our routine when we are at our “other home”: Mama and I walk along the beach into Mablethorpe where I have my water and she has a cappuccino. She’s got a ‘loyalty card’ and she’ll get 1 coffee free after she’s bought 10 at £3.00 each!!

See also my new blue coat. No, it’s not to keep me warm, I’m not that sort – it’s to keep the sea spray and drizzle off my back when we are walking. I think I look quite ‘dapper’. Does anyone else wear coats when they go out? Let me know ‘cos I don’t want to be the only one!

16 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

  1. I and my brother wear rain coats or all weather coats to keep us dry. Now mom is talking about boots because we get muddy feet every time we go outside. It doesn’t bother us but mom is not happy about all the mud.


    1. I like pizza too, but they’ve not ventured further than the fish and chip shops and the odd chinese takeaway. However, we do get a pie from the chip shop that me and Fabianne share – so that’s ok with us … for the moment!


  2. Ohhhhhhhh Bobby, that blue is so you. Yep when it’s really cold here like 20, wear coats, cause we might have to be out there for a while!

    The Mad Scots


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