Walking with Romans

deere street

Well …. not quite walking with Romans, but walking upon the ancient route known as “Deere Street” built by the Romans some 2,000 years ago. In places the road was typically Roman – straight as a die – but every now and then there was a little bit of a curve as the road navigated around a mountain or two. Mama said the Romans were good, but even they had to bow down to a mountain being in their way. This is such a desolate and remote part of the Scottish Borders I can’t understand why they came this far – but I’m very glad we did!

22 thoughts on “Walking with Romans

  1. That is a neat road. Lady would really like to go to Scotland. Years ago she was there for like 2 days as part of a tour. She says she would like to spend more time where her family lived until the early 1800s. Lee and Phod


      1. Really????? I was living under a false assumption. I see a new Scottie (that I don’t know about already) about once in three years here in Arizona. I’m used to it but Scotland can’t be THAT bad.


  2. What a wonderful photo. My mom was there a million years ago and she said that the sky always looked just like that all the time. She calls it Scottish Sky, with all the dark energized clouds. Energized just like us scotties. Arrrooooooooooooo


    1. It’s certainly a BIG sky. But it has to be ‘cos there’s big mountains there too! Not that I’ve the energy to climb them anymore. Glad your mom liked it – probably hasn’t changed one little bit since she was last there!!!!


    1. Mama really likes walking where she thinks people from ancient history may also have walked. Me …..? I’m not bovvered, so long as I get a good walk with good scenery. The Roman’s never did anything for me!


    1. Well …. if Dada hadn’t mapped it out in his mind, we’d probably still be walking. It was a circular walk though. They know I don’t like doing a 180 degree turnabout, so they have to plan accordingly. We did veer off the track some what and got “up close and personal” with some lady cows. I had to be carried! Keep that bit a secret won’t you Sweet William? Don’t want folks thinking I’m scareded of the cows!


    1. I saw some of your relatives out there. Tried to say hello to them …. let them know that I have a friend called “Speedy” but they all ran off in every direction, so I didn’t get to chat to them. Maybe next time hey!


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