Bobby …

Bobby, cannot believe it’s only 3 years ago ….. seems like yesterday and forever ago that he was here. Miss you sweetheart.

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die
Thomas Campbell, 2nd July 1777 – 15 June 1844, Scottish Poet,
Poem : Hallowed Ground

Bobby at Jedburgh, Scotland, 22nd September 2013

Flashback Friday

The Boat House. At The Rougley Cottage, Scottish Borders. Oh boy …. so many memories for everyone. The year : 2001. The reason : Honeymoon of Mama and Dada. You can see Mama’s head in the lock as she’s swimming back to the boat house. And our friend Maggie Crisfield Walters is waiting to help her out of the lock, supported as you can see by two scotties on the edge of the decking. I wasn’t there ‘cos I wasn’t born till 2003, but Mama tells me it was THE most fantastic time (despite the fact that her own Mama had died 10 days earlier) – oh boy – what a memory ….. and now its all gone away. I try and comfort Mama, but she says “it is what it is, little man”. Thank goodness that me and Maggie Crisfield Walters (and Fabi of course) are still around to help out.


Flashback Friday

Kelpie, Izzy, Finlay & Bobby, Isle of Skye, 2005

Those were the day …. back in 2005. We visited The Isle of Skye – what a fabulous photo of me, My mother Isobel, my older Sister Kelpie, and my litter brother Finlay. And the weather …… as you can see it looks rather Mediterranean, not what you’d expect from Scotland ….. Those were the days!