Flashback Friday

Wow! Now then. This is ‘The Old Man of Storr’ on the Isle of Skye (apparently our ancestral home if you believe some of the history books). The Old Man of Storr is the monolith type structure, so I’m told! My real Mama (Izzy) and sister Kelpie had actually been up there. Mama thinks this was taken in or around 1997 or 1998.  Their little sturdy legs carried them right up to the ‘cathedral’ and beyond. Although I have been to the Isle of Skye, this is one majestic icon that I didn’t get to leave any pee-mail on – and according to Mama I never shall ‘cos she says her legs are far too old to walk up there again – boooooring!

Old Man of Storr

Flashback Friday


This dates back to August 2001, when Mama and Dada celebrated their wedding with a belated honeymoon at The Roughly in the Scottish Borders. A couple of very dear friends joined them. This is Mama struggling to get out of the private Loch with her friend and a couple of scotties watching!

Mama said she didn’t want to put her feet down because the bottom was so muddy. I think Agi was in the boat with Dada, who took this photo and Izzy, Kelpie, William and Poppy were there at the boathouse too.

I visited this Cottage in July last year and I can truly say that it is a magical place – I now know why Mama and Dada really loved it and went there often – at least I’ve now been there too!

Scottish Castle,

There’s only a few complete castles left standing in Scotland and this is NOT one of them. This one is on the banks of the River Teviot. I took Mama and Dada on a Borders Abbeys Walk one day during our stay in Scotland. Such a tranquil stretch of water. And of course I had to take a slurp or two – photos of which you’ll see shortly under the usual title of ‘Thirsty Thursday’.

Walking with Romans

deere street

Well …. not quite walking with Romans, but walking upon the ancient route known as “Deere Street” built by the Romans some 2,000 years ago. In places the road was typically Roman – straight as a die – but every now and then there was a little bit of a curve as the road navigated around a mountain or two. Mama said the Romans were good, but even they had to bow down to a mountain being in their way. This is such a desolate and remote part of the Scottish Borders I can’t understand why they came this far – but I’m very glad we did!

Flashback Fridays

Doris at Glen Nevis.JPG P1030872

Lady Doris, our Motorhome for the last 5 years has now been “re-homed”. Unfortunately Dada’s job meant that he couldn’t spend as much time keeping Lady Doris in tip top condition, so a new home was found. She now lives with two very very nice people who we know love her very much as they keep sending us photos of where they’ve all been.

We are now the happy owners of a chalet in Mablethorpe, but as this is hardly a “flashback” topic, I’ll have to show you pictures of my new home at some later time!