“One Word Wednesday” has been abandoned for today as we report that we are being held Prisoners in our own home! We need rescuing. So come on Scottie Friends, the next best thing after eating food, is that we like to dig – so start digging them there tunnels and set us free. We can get into our garden through the dog-flap so don’t worry ’bout breaking into the house – but be quick ‘cos its raining here today and we can’t pace around the garden all day waiting for you.

We’re even sleeping in different rooms ‘cos we’re so depressed. Yes we do look scruffy, but don’t tell her otherwise we’ll end up on the grooming table – it’s bad enough being prisoners never mind being nice and clean.

And the reason we’re Prisoners! – well we’re waiting for a service man to come (apparently any time between 8am and 6pm) to fix the fridge/freezer – the control panel is flickering and it’s annoying Them. So come on you guys, get digging, we don’t need to snoopervise Their work, we need to get out.

7 thoughts on “Prisoners!

  1. We are on it! Of course, it’s night here….but early tomorrow morning…we’ll be digging.

    Can’t believe you’re prisoners!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


  2. Never mind digging what you need is a magic closet like us bunnies use for traveling on our adventures,May be I shiould Pay you a visit to show you where yours is,xx Speedy


  3. Sounds like you need a magic tunnel. If daddy wasn’t home with me today I could sneak out and help you escape. Would have to be back by dinner time though!


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