Bobby, (Sparhawk Sapphire Knight)

14.02.03 – 16.06.15

One of the reasons for our absence has been trying to fix Bobby and get him better. Sadly our efforts to achieve this failed and we said an extremely emotional goodbye to him. He was cradled in my arms, in the garden of the house into which he was born, and at my nod, his wonderful vet Victoria, eased him gently across that Rainbow Bridge. He fought so very hard, in true scottie style, to win his battle not only with kidney failure, but liver problems and finally pancreatitis. He will obviously be forever remembered by me, his Mama. I know we’ll all meet up again one fine day.

I’m sorry that this will come as a shock to you all, but since April 2015 I just wanted to spend every single moment with my bestest boy, and to cherish the short days that I knew he had.

Here’s just 50 photos out of 1,000’s that I’ve taken of my scotties, but these sum up my beloved Bobby.

Flashback Fridays


This was once how my garden looked. Now we have a bigger pond and some decking. I know it looks nice and fertile in this photo, but we were unable to take advantage of the space behind the bamboo – now though, with the decking we’ve got loadsa space to sit and relax in. I’ll get Mama to do a “before” and “after” post some time soon.

I got Mail !!!!!!!

Whoa! A Box. For me. With my name on it. FAN-TAS-TIC!

Whoa! A package with my name on it!
Whoa! A package with my name on it!

I’m no Munchkin de Scottie who can open all her own packages, so I had to get Mama to open it for me.

Oh boy! Look what as inside …….

Oh Boy! Look at what's inside
Oh Boy! Look at what’s inside

I tried so hard to hold onto the little note inside the box, but I was too excited and needed to get a better look.

And an envelope with my name on it as well!
And an envelope with my name on it as well!

Mama was having none of it. She wanted me to hold onto that little envelope – I know I can do it ‘cos I had to do stuff like that when I went to Obedience Class and won lots of rosettes – but today – no how! no way! was I gonna hold onto that little card when there was better things inside the box to hold on to – know what I mean!

So I just dropped it and gave Her those Scottie Eyes ………

Ok Mama! I'll read it ..... if I must
Ok Mama! I’ll read it ….. if I must

Anyway, here’s what was written on the card ….

Here .... You can all read it properly, now let me get in that box!
Here …. You can all read it properly, now let me get in that box!

Thank You Finn, Charlie and Gizmo.

I really enjoyed taking part in Park Day 2.0. It was soooooo fun much. Looking forward to the next one and not just because I won a pressie, but for having fun and for meeting and making lots of other friends too! Three Ah-r-o-o-o-o s for Finn, Charley and Gizmo !!!!!

Sweet William The Scot and Lee

Sweet William The Scot
Sweet William The Scot

I was extremely sorry to read that Sweet William The Scot and his beloved Lee are no longer blogging. I would like to wish them good health during the months to come, but not sure if they’ll see this post ….. I do hope they can drop by blogsville once in a while. I can’t even wish them well on the new chapter in their lives …..

If anyone can keep me informed I would be really really grateful. I’m worried that they are out there on their own ….. just the two of them …..

Sweet William The Scot, and your devoted Lee – I thank you for all the pleasure you have given; all the competitions you did that we nearly had a go at; and all the wonderful posts about the place you live. I’m sure the rest of blogsville will agree with me when I say that you will be missed!

Thank you Sweet William The Scot for being our friend!