Park Day 2.0 BINGO

Oh boy! I decided to have another go at one of these Bingo things – well in fact this is my first attempt. Hope I get it right – apologies if I don’t – blame it on Her if it goes wrong!

Finn and Charley and Gizmo are hosting Park Day 2.0 (the Bingo Game Edition).

Here’s My Bingo card. We’re doing the 4th Row : Hike a Woodsy Trail / Follow Gizmos blog by RSS or Email / Visit a park at sunset / Find a Monument or Sculpture / Visit a park more than 30 minutes from home.


So, number 1 “Hike a Woodsy Trail : This is Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire a favourite of ours. Full of exciting things to chase and sniff.

Clumber park,

Number 2 : Follow Gizmo’s blog – I thought I was already following, perhaps by Facebook, but seems not be email – but I am now!!!

Follow Gizmo's blog

Number 3 : Visit Park at Sunset Evidence of our presence by poo bag in His hand, plus me in the bottom left hand corner!

Park at sunset

Number 4 : Find a monument or Sculpture : This is in Scotland, in a Forestry Commission plantation near Dunkeld. And what a sculpture this is!

Big Bird …. or what!

And finally, number 5 : Visit a park more than 30 minutes away. This is us and some friends gathering at the Ashover Show in Derbyshire. We were there to cheer on our niece “Poppy” – that’s her on the left in the red collar, as she was competing in a “Veteran’s Class” doggie show!

Ashover Show, Derbyshire

So far so good, now for the tricksy bit. Hope it works. By the way, this has been brilliant. Took me some time to select the right card as there was soooo many to choose from.

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21 thoughts on “Park Day 2.0 BINGO

      1. Hmmm…I played a bingo yesterday and it also didn’t appear on my post, but I saw your posting on our main linky thingamabobber so you will definitely be included in our drawing for the prizes!


  1. Bobby that’s a perfect Bingo! So glad you played and had fun with it …don’t worry about getting the linky thing here…i have tons of trouble with it too 🙂 That is a totally kewl statue…I had no idea there were totem poles in Scotland! How did Poppy do at the show?


    1. Thanks Gizmo. We were amazed at that totem pole thingy too! Sadly Poppy didn’t win her class – she’s a tiny scottie and although she’s 12 years old she still looks like a puppy – may be no one believed she’s a veteran!


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