Bull Nose Terrier

SWAT’s back …  (Sparhawk Wildlife Action Team) And guess what we’re starting off with …… a biiiiiig BULL.

Whatcha looking at
Whatcha looking at

I wasn’t scared at all, but Mama was, but she managed to get me a photo of Mr Bull. He looked right at me. Take a look at him.

Mr Bull
Does my bum look big?
Is he still following?

He had some Lady Bulls with him and they had lots of baby bulls …… so we were really respectful of him. He’s been around for some years now, so we’re kinda friends. Yeah ….. really? – I don’t think so. He doesn’t play fetch very well!

I might be showing the whites of my eye as I keep a look out, but honestly I wasn’t scareded at all …. really?

Do you guys go SWAT’ing (Scottie Wildlife Action Team in your cases) and what do you see?

17 thoughts on “Bull Nose Terrier

  1. He’s a BIG boy……we’d stay away from him, too. Sometimes we touch noses with cattle through fences….but nothing like that!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


  2. We gots some bulls and cows and babies and horses and chickens and a STUPID Rooster, but none of them look as mean as he does!

    The Mad Scots


  3. hmm I’m not sure about cows, they graze in one of the fields I play in sometimes and can smell them when they’re not there. My tail goes down when I smell them:-( But maybe I need to meet one face to face


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