5 Favourite Photos – Day 5

And finally, the 5 day Favourite Photo mania is at an end. After today I shall have my own bloggie back. But I shouldn’t grumble too much because the photos were all of me and my brothers, sister and mum, plus the odd one of that feisty little fireball called Fabianne.

This is the last photo in the 5 day photo challenge, Mama displayed on her Facebook page, and it shows the clan of five – oh those happy days. Here’s what Mama said about this photo …. “And finally, here’s the photo for Day Five : such happy happy memories of my Sparhawk clan of 5 beautiful beautiful scotties from 2007. Only Bobby Scottie Elkin remains by my side, the others are waiting for us across the Rainbow Bridge! One day, Izzy, Kelpie, Gus and Finlay, we’ll all meet again, and go scampering in the countryside, just like in this wonderful photo.”

Scampering Scotties in Derbyshire, circa 2007
Scampering Scotties in Derbyshire, circa 2007

Bull Nose Terrier

SWAT’s back …  (Sparhawk Wildlife Action Team) And guess what we’re starting off with …… a biiiiiig BULL.

Whatcha looking at
Whatcha looking at

I wasn’t scared at all, but Mama was, but she managed to get me a photo of Mr Bull. He looked right at me. Take a look at him.

Mr Bull
Does my bum look big?
Is he still following?

He had some Lady Bulls with him and they had lots of baby bulls …… so we were really respectful of him. He’s been around for some years now, so we’re kinda friends. Yeah ….. really? – I don’t think so. He doesn’t play fetch very well!

I might be showing the whites of my eye as I keep a look out, but honestly I wasn’t scareded at all …. really?

Do you guys go SWAT’ing (Scottie Wildlife Action Team in your cases) and what do you see?

Friends with benefits!

Couldn’t get out during the weekend – weather was a little unpredictable, so we hunkered down and had a restful weekend.

So here’s us with our niece Poppy who came to visit on Friday and as the weather was good, we took her for a walk around one of our local patches. Finlay in his stroller and me & Pops sniffing and ambling along. Had to drag the two humans along as they were in much need of exercise as They’d just had a big lunch, We did get a few crumbs so we can’t complain.

Her friend Maggie, asked if there were any ducks along the way as she wanted to feed them some bread. On occasions there’s the odd duck family alongside the disused canal, but on Friday it seemed they had all gone somewhere else. However, continuing our walk took us past a field with some horses in. So Her friend gave the horse some bread and cake. This is the reaction from one of the horses after sniffing the cake offered to him! The little fella kept doing it and She managed to get a brilliant photo of the horse.

Cake .... gimme cake!
Cake …. gimme cake!

Scampering Scotties

We’re starting a “Scampering Scotties” series, featuring us, reporting on new and old walks. Monthly. Middle of the month. Maybe. Or more regularly. Who knows? Watch this space.

We don’t travel overseas, so it would be great if you could share your favourite walks with us which we’ll include within our blog. Please!

Send your “report” with photos of course, to sparhawk@me.com and we’ll feature it or them, regularly within this series.

Our series will include “Recommended Links” associated with the walks we do. They might prove useful. One day. Who knows!

And when you are out there, scampering, remember the SCOT guidelines (Scotties Countryside Outdoor Tips)

  1. Always keep your Peeps on a leash or under close control
  2. Never leave ANYTHING behind. Know what we mean! Except plenty of pee-mail!
  3. Try not to mess with Sheep – they stamp their feet and are particularly good at head-butting
  4. Avoid lady cows, they can be very sneaky, creeping up on you (this one’s especially for Finlay, he’s very wary of cows)
  5. Be polite to other doggies you may see. Keep barking and sniffing to a minimum
  6. Make sure your Peep knows where it’s going. Very useful – this tip!
  7. Water. Make sure there’s plenty of water to drink, paddle in or, as we do, leave pee-mail in!

What has been good about today …

  • We’re starting a new series.
  • It’s all about scotties. Scampering.
  • We like sharing.
  • We love scampering!