5 Favourite Photos – Day 5

And finally, the 5 day Favourite Photo mania is at an end. After today I shall have my own bloggie back. But I shouldn’t grumble too much because the photos were all of me and my brothers, sister and mum, plus the odd one of that feisty little fireball called Fabianne.

This is the last photo in the 5 day photo challenge, Mama displayed on her Facebook page, and it shows the clan of five – oh those happy days. Here’s what Mama said about this photo …. “And finally, here’s the photo for Day Five : such happy happy memories of my Sparhawk clan of 5 beautiful beautiful scotties from 2007. Only Bobby Scottie Elkin remains by my side, the others are waiting for us across the Rainbow Bridge! One day, Izzy, Kelpie, Gus and Finlay, we’ll all meet again, and go scampering in the countryside, just like in this wonderful photo.”

Scampering Scotties in Derbyshire, circa 2007
Scampering Scotties in Derbyshire, circa 2007

8 thoughts on “5 Favourite Photos – Day 5

  1. I cannot even imagine having five beautiful Scots at one time. You must have been watched all the time by someone.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot


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