Scampering Scotties

We’re starting a “Scampering Scotties” series, featuring us, reporting on new and old walks. Monthly. Middle of the month. Maybe. Or more regularly. Who knows? Watch this space.

We don’t travel overseas, so it would be great if you could share your favourite walks with us which we’ll include within our blog. Please!

Send your “report” with photos of course, to and we’ll feature it or them, regularly within this series.

Our series will include “Recommended Links” associated with the walks we do. They might prove useful. One day. Who knows!

And when you are out there, scampering, remember the SCOT guidelines (Scotties Countryside Outdoor Tips)

  1. Always keep your Peeps on a leash or under close control
  2. Never leave ANYTHING behind. Know what we mean! Except plenty of pee-mail!
  3. Try not to mess with Sheep – they stamp their feet and are particularly good at head-butting
  4. Avoid lady cows, they can be very sneaky, creeping up on you (this one’s especially for Finlay, he’s very wary of cows)
  5. Be polite to other doggies you may see. Keep barking and sniffing to a minimum
  6. Make sure your Peep knows where it’s going. Very useful – this tip!
  7. Water. Make sure there’s plenty of water to drink, paddle in or, as we do, leave pee-mail in!

What has been good about today …

  • We’re starting a new series.
  • It’s all about scotties. Scampering.
  • We like sharing.
  • We love scampering!

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