Sweet William The Scot and Lee

Sweet William The Scot
Sweet William The Scot

I was extremely sorry to read that Sweet William The Scot and his beloved Lee are no longer blogging. I would like to wish them good health during the months to come, but not sure if they’ll see this post ….. I do hope they can drop by blogsville once in a while. I can’t even wish them well on the new chapter in their lives …..

If anyone can keep me informed I would be really really grateful. I’m worried that they are out there on their own ….. just the two of them …..

Sweet William The Scot, and your devoted Lee – I thank you for all the pleasure you have given; all the competitions you did that we nearly had a go at; and all the wonderful posts about the place you live. I’m sure the rest of blogsville will agree with me when I say that you will be missed!

Thank you Sweet William The Scot for being our friend!

7 thoughts on “Sweet William The Scot and Lee

  1. We’ve had some drop outs (Douglas for one). Not good. Lee and SWTS have health issues and I’m sure that when they’re feeling OK, they’ll read about their friends.


  2. We e-mailed William how disappointed we are that he has to leave Blogville. BUT he said he’d try to get around and still read some posts sometimes. We miss him, too and hope he and Lee recover soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy


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