Park Day 2.0 BINGO

Oh boy! I decided to have another go at one of these Bingo things – well in fact this is my first attempt. Hope I get it right – apologies if I don’t – blame it on Her if it goes wrong!

Finn and Charley and Gizmo are hosting Park Day 2.0 (the Bingo Game Edition).

Here’s My Bingo card. We’re doing the 4th Row : Hike a Woodsy Trail / Follow Gizmos blog by RSS or Email / Visit a park at sunset / Find a Monument or Sculpture / Visit a park more than 30 minutes from home.


So, number 1 “Hike a Woodsy Trail : This is Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire a favourite of ours. Full of exciting things to chase and sniff.

Clumber park,

Number 2 : Follow Gizmo’s blog – I thought I was already following, perhaps by Facebook, but seems not be email – but I am now!!!

Follow Gizmo's blog

Number 3 : Visit Park at Sunset Evidence of our presence by poo bag in His hand, plus me in the bottom left hand corner!

Park at sunset

Number 4 : Find a monument or Sculpture : This is in Scotland, in a Forestry Commission plantation near Dunkeld. And what a sculpture this is!

Big Bird …. or what!

And finally, number 5 : Visit a park more than 30 minutes away. This is us and some friends gathering at the Ashover Show in Derbyshire. We were there to cheer on our niece “Poppy” – that’s her on the left in the red collar, as she was competing in a “Veteran’s Class” doggie show!

Ashover Show, Derbyshire

So far so good, now for the tricksy bit. Hope it works. By the way, this has been brilliant. Took me some time to select the right card as there was soooo many to choose from.

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Just Me

Oh boy! What a week. Suddenly I find myself alone. What did I do. Have I done something wrong? Why has everyone now left me. Once we were 5, now …… just me. I seek reassurance from my Mama, my big scottie eyes questioning the silence, the single bowl put down at breakfast, the vacant space on the chair where She and Fin sat.

Mama tells me they’ve gone across the Rainbow Bridge. Wow ….. that sounds really pretty and I suggest that I too would like to go. “Not now” She says….. “but one day.” But I want to go ….. now! Everyone else has gone, even some friends in blogsville and Facebook. Why have I been overlooked. I know I can be a bit feisty on walks, a true “bold” scottie when confronted by other doggies we meet, but I’m only protecting my clan. Now there’s no one to protect. Mama tells me that She still needs protecting, “and you” She says “my little braveheart, You need to stay a while longer to carry on this duty”.

This is so not fair! I feel I’ve been overlooked, left out, not wanted. But then I see Her big brown eyes, filled with tears for those not with us anymore, I sense her vulnerability and realise that in my own scottie way I have been chosen – chosen to look after Her for the rest of my life.

And so, it’s just me.


“One Word Wednesday” has been abandoned for today as we report that we are being held Prisoners in our own home! We need rescuing. So come on Scottie Friends, the next best thing after eating food, is that we like to dig – so start digging them there tunnels and set us free. We can get into our garden through the dog-flap so don’t worry ’bout breaking into the house – but be quick ‘cos its raining here today and we can’t pace around the garden all day waiting for you.

We’re even sleeping in different rooms ‘cos we’re so depressed. Yes we do look scruffy, but don’t tell her otherwise we’ll end up on the grooming table – it’s bad enough being prisoners never mind being nice and clean.

And the reason we’re Prisoners! – well we’re waiting for a service man to come (apparently any time between 8am and 6pm) to fix the fridge/freezer – the control panel is flickering and it’s annoying Them. So come on you guys, get digging, we don’t need to snoopervise Their work, we need to get out.

I’m Finlay


Don't I just look sooooo cute!

Yap! I’m Finlay. Born 14th February 2003. Litter of 4 boys. Same litter as Bobby. Izzy was our real mama (her proper name was Little Miss Tittle-Tattle of Sparhawk). She was a brilliant mama. Forever wanting to clean us! Was really funny when Gus came back to live with us – he was having none of that! His “bits” were just that – his bits and that’s the way he kept it! But we young ‘uns, just like the two-legged boyfolk, let our Mama’s keep us clean.

I ended up in the Show Ring, just like Bobby. And I qualified for Crufts. She let me attend, even though She didn’t like it – and I concur wholeheartedly. I struggled to pee/poo in the sawdust pit and ended up hanging on to it for the whole day. We trotted around the Show Ring at about 9am but was not allowed to leave until 4pm!!!! Sooooo not fun. I would have refused to go again – but She came to her senses.

So I retired gracefully from the show ring after about 18 months. But I didn’t need anything after that, because I’m just soooooo cute, and very good to Her. I might grumble at approaching dogs, but that’s only because Bobby has “started me off”. I’m a gentleman.

I’m also very sensitive. Don’t like ANYONE laughing AT me, otherwise I sulk! For hours! Just turn my back on Everyone.

Unfortunately I’ve had to have “that operation” in 2009 and ever since then I’ve become a “lap dog”. Can you believe that – a Scottie being a lap dog – but I love it. I get to sit with Her all night, either on her lap, draped  across Her, or just sitting on the settee with Her. I’ve been like this since “the op”. Before that I preferred the floor/carpet/own bed. Now I’m a new man and much better for it.

I just absolutely adore travelling in our Motorhome (Lady Doris). I get to sit upfront, sometimes navigating, sometimes making sure He does the right thing, sometimes I go to sleep ‘cos They’ve got it under control. Bobby’s very wary of the travelling bit – he’ll hide in the darkest corner until we’ve arrived – then he’s just ……  Bobby! Gus is like me, although he’s happy to stay in the back, chilled out. He’s probably guarding the food!

I love our daily walks, although there are certain walks I prefer over some of the others. I make this obvious to Her by not keeping up, just standing still until She turns around to see where I am. Then I make her call me, lots of time, before running up to her with my tail wagging. I also don’t like my photo being taken so much – you’ll have guessed this because I mostly have my ears down or tucked away and no amount of soft, sweet talking by Her or Him will get me to lift them up, so I often look like a Scottie without ears!

You’ll get a gist of our characters as you paw your way through our blog.

Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you soon.

I’m Gus

Gus, 12th February 1999 – 4th July 2012


Me? Bad Boy? Noooo Way!
Me? Bad Boy? Noooo Way!

Yap! You’ve got it – I’m Gus. Born on 12th February 1999, in a little of 4 (two boys, two girls). They kept one girl and called her Kelpie and I went to live with Her Mama & Papa, just around the corner! We saw each other nearly every day, so when I unfortunately had to move back to look after Them after my own peeps passed on, it wasn’t such a bad thing, really.

Only thing was, They (my now new Mama/Papa, known as Her, She, He, Him & They & Them) thought I was faaaaar too fat and so gradually reduced my food to get me slimmer. I’ve been looking after Them for 4 years now, and I’m much slimmer. However, They still call me a “Food Monster” or “Kitchen Assistant” ‘cos I’m always at Her feet in the kitchen. You can snaffle a lot of extra stuff that way and I highly recommend it. Hence the chicken bone last week!

I love going on walks. At first it was hard ‘cos I wasn’t used to walking for so long. My first peeps only took me for walks around the village. OK it was 5 times a day, but the walks were very short. Now my new peeps – they like to go on lots of rambling walks. I’ve got used to these walks now they are FAB-U-LOUS walks! I love to sniff. Boy do I love to sniff. I can spend 5 whole minutes, apparently, sniffing just one blade of grass. She “changed” my name to Will Sniff – I went on Twitter and demanded the return of my name!

I don’t do tricks, like Bobby – so demeaning for a Scottie, especially one of my grand age – I could do them if I wanted to, but I choose not to. However, I do what They call the “bunny”. This is where I sit on my back legs, lift my upper body and waggle my front paws very fast. It makes Them smile ….. and some times I get a treat!

What I do with stunning ability, is hanging around the kitchen. Under Her feet. Always behind Her. Always in the next place She wants to step into. She calls me her Kitchen Assistant, but I think She’s the Kitchen Assistant and I’m the snoopervisor!

You’ll get a hint of what I’m like as you trot your way through these pages. Enjoy!

RooOOooodles from Gus.

I’m Bobby

Yap! Yap! Woof!

I’m Bobby. Born on 14th February 2003 in a little of four boys. Two of us were kept behind and two of our brothers found freedom with some lovely families!

I was named after Greyfriars Bobby. Yeah, I know he was allegedly a Skye Terrier, but it’s close enough for me. I’m certainly very loyal to Her. If I can’t find Her, I’ll run from room to room, making little whining noises until She lets me know where She is, then I go & keep her company.

I’ve been a Show Dog – but that’s because He said the only reason He’d let Her keep us (that’s me & Finlay), is if She took up Dog Showing. I wasn’t “bred” for it, but I had a real good time. Qualified for Crufts twice, but only attended once – sooooo not the dog show you guys think it is. We’re not allowed outside to do any pees or poos. Have to do “them” in a sawdust pit! Can you imagine that, with our coats! Anyway once was enough for both me and Finlay – see his bit on his own post.

Was a “Show Boy” for only a couple of years, but boy, did I learn some naughty stuff. Still not grown out of it, even now. So, She decided we’d do some Obedience Training. To see if that’d calm me down. For heaven’s sake, all I do is bark first at passing dogs, then sniff later. She said that’s so rude. I should introduce myself politely, like a gentleman, in fact like Finlay and Gus – but hey! where’s the fun in that!

So Obedience Training for me. Boy was that good! Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Every Friday night for three hours learning stuff (nothing about being polite, like She wanted me to learn, but I managed to control myself as I got to know all the other dogs). Started when I was 3 and a half, and spent 3 years doing it. Progressed right through the Bronze, Silver, Gold Awards, but chose not to stay on for the Platinum classes. By that time I’d been invited to do a  demonstrations to a Scottie Club. What? A trained Scottie? Apparently there are quite a few of us out there!

Sleeping Bobby

I’m now retired from all that obedience stuff. But every now and then I get Her to go through a few moves with me and let me tell you – I can still do it!

Anyway, my time’s now spent patrolling our gardens; taking daily walks around our local countryside (still rushing up to other dog, barking like a mad ‘un!!) and thoroughly enjoying my life.

You’ll get a glimpse of my character through these postings we do.

Thanks for catching up with me ….. see you around our site!