News Flash …… interrupting my chain of “posts” Mama has made me publish this. A picture. Not of me. But of Her. Fabianne. Now don’t go all gooey eyed – she’s only a pup, and a girl pup at that – what’s the world coming to. Anyway, I’ve been a good boy and for once done as I was told asked. She’s got her own blog, but only so Mama can chart her initial progress.

I’ve already been told asked to include her in my blog and I’ve reluctantly happily agreed to do so – so there – here she is ….

8 thoughts on “Fabianne

  1. Bobby I am sure you are the best brother ever. Don’t ever worry that she will steal the limelight away because you are so loved.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot


    1. Girls! They’re ok if they’re your sister or mother …. But a ‘Scottie squatter’ is not on. Oh and also if they happen to be your mama, nearly forgot about her! Hey ho! Everyone says I’ll get used to it!

      RooOOOoodles, Bobby



  2. Bettcha, you come around real quick, cause she is gonna steal your Scottie heart, she got ours right off!

    The Mad Scots


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