Here’s Fabianne, wearing her Tour de France bandana in support of her namesake, Fabian Cancellara, who now leads the Tour de France after Stage two. Well done Spartacus!Image

Fabi’s not too sure that she’s able to take over from Bobby yet, so for the time being she’s asked me to carry on the good work. Most of you will already be aware of Fabi, but this picture and description above give you a clue as to how we came about her rather un-scottish name – I absolutely adore Fabian Cancellara.

When Fabi Met …

Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound as they say here in England. Here’s a little Fabi something or another. We’ve decided that for the moment I’ll post of her behalf, that is until she’s a bit older, then she can do her own work!

So, here comes a series of posts that I’ll call “When Fabi Met …” cos for a while some of these things that I meet every day, will be a “first” for Fabi. And these photos are of when she met the resident swans on our local mini reservoir ….


News Flash …… interrupting my chain of “posts” Mama has made me publish this. A picture. Not of me. But of Her. Fabianne. Now don’t go all gooey eyed – she’s only a pup, and a girl pup at that – what’s the world coming to. Anyway, I’ve been a good boy and for once done as I was told asked. She’s got her own blog, but only so Mama can chart her initial progress.

I’ve already been told asked to include her in my blog and I’ve reluctantly happily agreed to do so – so there – here she is ….