We’ve had to let Mama do something ‘crafty’ and of course we’ve had to let her have some of our blog in which to showcase why we’ve been absent. Anyway, new ‘babies’ have arrived. No not real babies/puppies, just crafty babies – take a look.

Now maybe we can get our own blog back!!

Foto Fun Fursday


Yes, we are two days late so we’ve combined ’Tuesday Newsday’ ‘One Word Wednesday’ and ‘Foto Fun Fursday’ as our post today covers all those topics. I know we don’t usually ‘advertise’anything but we’re allowing Mama to showcase a selection of greeting cards (designed by Mama !!!) soon to be available to buy from her Scottie Rescue UK charity and of course all proceeds will end up in that Scottie Dog Bank! 


Tuesday is our “Newsday” and today, despite Mama’s protestations, we are going to mention the Charity she set up back in January 2017. It’s called Scottie Rescue UK. Anyone who knows Mama will know how mortified she will be with us ‘advertising’ her charity. She’s a very private person and believes that if people want to give, then they will find the right charity that suits them. Well, as you know we are Scottish Terriers and we don’t do stuff quietly. Mama, bless her, is not looking for money, so don’t panic. As her charity works only within the United Kingdom she knows that our global friends will be geared up to assist their own local charities, but we just wanted to thank Mama for the tireless effort she puts into ensuring us scotties dogs will one day live longer (and prosper – yes Kismet, we got in there before you, woof woof, kiss, kiss) so we give a round of applawse (!!) for our beloved Mama.