Foto Fun Fursday


Yes, we are two days late so we’ve combined ’Tuesday Newsday’ ‘One Word Wednesday’ and ‘Foto Fun Fursday’ as our post today covers all those topics. I know we don’t usually ‘advertise’anything but we’re allowing Mama to showcase a selection of greeting cards (designed by Mama !!!) soon to be available to buy from her Scottie Rescue UK charity and of course all proceeds will end up in that Scottie Dog Bank! 

4 thoughts on “Foto Fun Fursday

  1. OMD! I absolutely LOVE these! Boy is your Mum ever TALENTED!!!
    We want to buy some!!! Thank you so much for telling us about them. Can I buy some from the UK Rescue if I live in California?
    They are just SCOTTIE-GORGEOUS!!!

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    1. Yippee! Yes, yes, yes. the cards are available now to order and we can ship out to California – well Mama will ship them out to you! There’s another two or three cards that we didn’t display here, so if you have a Facebook profile, you can check them all out there – they’re on a Page called Scottie Rescue UK or use: @scottierescue when you get on Facebook and that’ll take you to the Page. Otherwise, please let us know and Mama will send you, by email, the all the available cards to choose from, together with how you can order them. Mama says thank you so much for liking her cards, and we thank you to. AroooOOOOooo

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