Bad Boy!

Me? Bad Boy? Noooo Way!

Oh My! Gus really got told off yesterday. Really. There was screaming and hair pulling – the full works. Why? Well, he was doing his usual Kitchen Assistant thingy, when She accidentally dropped a chicken bone on the floor. It was one of those really nasty ones. Well, within a nano second he’d “sucked” it up and she was yanking on his beard screaming at him to “drop it!” Suffice to say, no chicken bone re-emerged. We’ve never seen our Peeps sooooo interested in our, well Gus’, poo before!

We hope he’s okay. He’s being his usual self at the moment, but She’s keeping a very close eye on him (and the things he does!)

Keep ya paws crossed that we don’t have to visit the Dogster!

Me? Bad Boy? Noooo Way!
Me? Bad Boy? Noooo Way!

Happy Birthday Angus

Angus is 11 years old today. He’s the brother of Poppy, and the nephew of us Sparhawk Boys.

Isn’t it great to see them all doing so well. We’ve not heard from Angus in several years, but received a couple of photos of him from his “human” and we’ll share them here with you.

We hope that Angus has a special day today and wish him well for the years to come.

Happy Barkday Angus

Happy Birthday Poppy


Today Poppy is 11 years old!! Poppy was born to our sadly departed sister Kelpie. Poppy lives in a wonderful home with two highly devoted “humans” to pandered to her every whim and fancy. Until recently, Poppy shared this home & love with William, who sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge at the end of February.

But today is Poppy’s day. We won’t be seeing her today, though we’re planning on meeting sometime next week. We have become very close friends with Poppy’s Mama and we regularly meet up.

We send our warmest wishes to Poppy and know that she will have a wonderful day.