Bad Boy!

Me? Bad Boy? Noooo Way!

Oh My! Gus really got told off yesterday. Really. There was screaming and hair pulling – the full works. Why? Well, he was doing his usual Kitchen Assistant thingy, when She accidentally dropped a chicken bone on the floor. It was one of those really nasty ones. Well, within a nano second he’d “sucked” it up and she was yanking on his beard screaming at him to “drop it!” Suffice to say, no chicken bone re-emerged. We’ve never seen our Peeps sooooo interested in our, well Gus’, poo before!

We hope he’s okay. He’s being his usual self at the moment, but She’s keeping a very close eye on him (and the things he does!)

Keep ya paws crossed that we don’t have to visit the Dogster!

Me? Bad Boy? Noooo Way!
Me? Bad Boy? Noooo Way!

2 thoughts on “Bad Boy!

  1. I’m with you, Gus. Anything that hits the floor is MINE. Come to think of it, I get some in the air so those are MINE also. Peeps don’t know that we have a really tough digestive system and They shouldn’t worry about you. When it comes to flying food, Peeps are slow.


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