5 Favourite Photos – Day 4

Ooops, forgot to post yesterday, and I should have because this Favourite Photo that Mama has chosen to display on her Facebook page, is just me, and me alone. Why I forgot to post I don’t know! Anyway here’s what she said about this photo : “So here’s the photo for Day Four. Obviously one of many favourite photos of Bobby Scottie Elkin – he does love to sit on the same seat as me, and to my surprise, some years back, on my birthday, the now sadly departed Scott Dearge sent me his rendition of my beloved Bobby. Rest in Peace Scott, your work goes on and on …..”

Me, Bobby having squeezed Mama off the chair
Scott Dearge’s rendition of me, sent to Mama on one of her birthdays many years ago.

5 Favourite Photos – Day 3

Oh Boy …. Day 3 already? Where does the time go. So, here’s Mama’s photo for Day Three. Here’s what Mama has to say today : “This is Fabianne (or Fabi)  at the beach during one of our many seaside holidays we take at our chalet in Mablethorpe at SeaScape Chalets) I just love this little sandy face of hers. Here’s hoping that you’ll get to see many many happy little photos of my baby girl in the years to come!

I’ve noticed that she can be quite cute …. but she’s still a little fireball and has energy to burn – I’m just waiting for her to calm down a little, then maybe I’ll like her a bit.


5 Favourite Photos – Day 2


Following on from yesterday’s post of highlighting Mama’s 5 favourite photos and posting one each day for the next five days, for Day Two she has chosen this photo of Finlay – here’s what she said about this photo on Facebook : Today’s photo is of my beloved Finlay, who succumbed to TCC in May 2013. The love I see in his eyes melts my heart completely ……..

Mmmm ….. I think I know what she means.

It’s NOT fair … is it?

Mama said I’ve GOT TO start included Fabi in my postings, and to sometimes let her “speak”. Apparently Mama hasn’t got the time to continue developing Fabi’s own bloggie, so she MUST share mine. This is so not fair.

So, the picture below will eventually be our new gravatar/avatar thingy, and I’ll find a nice picture of her as well, eventually. In fact, it might end up being to my advantage as I can take a back seat role and just enjoy watching her do some of the work!

both of us