5 Favourite Photos – Day 3

Oh Boy …. Day 3 already? Where does the time go. So, here’s Mama’s photo for Day Three. Here’s what Mama has to say today : “This is Fabianne (or Fabi)  at the beach during one of our many seaside holidays we take at our chalet in Mablethorpe at SeaScape Chalets) I just love this little sandy face of hers. Here’s hoping that you’ll get to see many many happy little photos of my baby girl in the years to come!

I’ve noticed that she can be quite cute …. but she’s still a little fireball and has energy to burn – I’m just waiting for her to calm down a little, then maybe I’ll like her a bit.


7 thoughts on “5 Favourite Photos – Day 3

  1. There you go a Scottie nose just has to know, thats why we get em dirty. Booby, she ever give you that look , just nod in approval, cause it’s like she is saying “Hey I Am a Scottie, love ME no matter what”!

    The Mad Scots

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