Good News!

Normal Service can be resumed – Bobby’s Back!

No. Not the Good News box of chocolates we used to get in the UK, but proper good old fashioned good news! The Vets rang to say that there was nothing wrong with Bobby’s bits. NOTHING. Other than being very very inflamed (and enlarged). Thank Dog for that – no not the inflamed enlarged bit, but the Nothing bit! Normal service can now be resumed. Stitches out on Monday and we want to go for a walk! We’ll have been cooped up for 10 days so we will not take NO for an answer.

What a brilliant start to our weekend – we hope you have one too!

Panic posting

Apologies to everyone! We’ve been, well I, Finlay, have been panic posting. Why? ‘Cos Bobby is in the vets having his …. you know ….. bits removed. He was seriously ill over the last few days and we’ve all been in “panic mode”. With my help, I’ve kept Her busy by travelling the world meeting our furiends. Thankfully the Vet has just phoned to say Bobby is well after his op and can be collected later this afternoon. P.H.E.W !!!!!

Obviously we’ve got to wait and see what the lab results are ‘cos this “thing” happened sooooooo quickly, no one knows where it came from.

We’re now clock watching …… Jeez. HE’S. OK. just chill out. You know what? You can’t tell these humans anything. ANYTHING!

Anyway, apologies about the panic posting – hope everyone else out there is ok!


We’re back! Not that we ever went away. We were on “Staycation”. No…… not “steak-ation” – although that would’ve been sooooo much nicer, all that steak, but “stay-cation” : having a holiday at home!

We’ve been sooooo busy, will fill you in much later – once we’ve remembered what we were doing!

Just been checking up on you guys, making sure you’re all still ok and thankfully you all seem to be!

Catch you all much later – gotta run and hide ‘cos the grooming bag has just appeared – boy do we look a mess!!

Ruuuuuuuuuuuun Fin, ruuuuuuuuuuun …………