Panic posting

Apologies to everyone! We’ve been, well I, Finlay, have been panic posting. Why? ‘Cos Bobby is in the vets having his …. you know ….. bits removed. He was seriously ill over the last few days and we’ve all been in “panic mode”. With my help, I’ve kept Her busy by travelling the world meeting our furiends. Thankfully the Vet has just phoned to say Bobby is well after his op and can be collected later this afternoon. P.H.E.W !!!!!

Obviously we’ve got to wait and see what the lab results are ‘cos this “thing” happened sooooooo quickly, no one knows where it came from.

We’re now clock watching …… Jeez. HE’S. OK. just chill out. You know what? You can’t tell these humans anything. ANYTHING!

Anyway, apologies about the panic posting – hope everyone else out there is ok!

8 thoughts on “Panic posting

  1. Hey when things look like they are happening, some have panic attacks, it just happens. As lone as things turn out ok, we are happy.

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

    Pees; we been missing your posts, just found our about 20 on our reading list has been deleted by blogger, Dad is going to get everyone back on this weekend. See we had a panic attack here also.


    1. The speed the wind’s been blowing from your neck of the woods means your good wishes will be here by the time Bobby returns from the Vets – She’s just getting ready to go fetch him.I’m sure that as soon as Bobby’s ready and he’s come to terms with being the 2nd “lady-boy” in the house, he’ll fill you in on his very interesting week. Thanks for your kindness. Woofs from Finlay, a momentarily “lonely boy”


  2. Oh no. We’re glad Bobby’s better. Poor guy. We know how worrying that is for your peeps. Hope he bounces back quickly.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


  3. Finlay… give Bobby some licks from me. It will help make him all better. Also give your Mom some toe licks. That always makes my Mom laugh and laughter is a good stress reliever.


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