Batman’s House Discovered

We went to visit Batman at his house last weekend. Didn’t find him though. With the sighting of another two scotties, perhaps he caught wind of our visit and made himself scarce!

Wollaton Hall is located just a couple of miles from the City Centre of Nottingham, where Mama was born.

Mama spent many many happy times as a wee lass, visiting the Hall with her friends, so this is a bit of a Flashback Friday for her, although it’s Thursday ….. well, she is getting on a bit!

My Bad!

Me in Harrogate

So, having 5 minutes before Mama leaves for her own Dr Pokey, I thought I’d do a whirlwind round the world trip. But Hey! where’s my blog roll gone. Ooops – sorry Puppers, I seem to have omitted that in my change of style for December. Any Hoo! it’ll all be sorted in a minute and I’ll be back with my “Dogs Blog” to come and visit y’all!

Flashback Friday

Wow! Now then. This is ‘The Old Man of Storr’ on the Isle of Skye (apparently our ancestral home if you believe some of the history books). The Old Man of Storr is the monolith type structure, so I’m told! My real Mama (Izzy) and sister Kelpie had actually been up there. Mama thinks this was taken in or around 1997 or 1998.  Their little sturdy legs carried them right up to the ‘cathedral’ and beyond. Although I have been to the Isle of Skye, this is one majestic icon that I didn’t get to leave any pee-mail on – and according to Mama I never shall ‘cos she says her legs are far too old to walk up there again – boooooring!

Old Man of Storr

Flashback Fridays

in a tent

Oh boy. Now then. this is going back to 2003. Me and my sadly departed brother (Fin) were about 6 months old and we went camping with our real mama (Izzy) and our older sister (Kelpie) – both of whom are now with Fin and Gus playing across that Rainbow Bridge.

Anyway, we’d obviously gone out on a long walk and then we all collapsed on Their bed – how funny!!!! Can’t remember where Mama and Dada eventually slept – maybe they squeezed on to the bed as well!


Took them camping in my motorhome – all the way to Buxton for 8 days. It’s only 45 minutes from home, nestled in the heart of Derbyshire. Had a grrrreat time, lots of walking, eating and laying around relaxing.

Here’s just a few photos. Mama especially likes the “red” photo – when you see it, you’ll know what I mean!