Took them camping in my motorhome – all the way to Buxton for 8 days. It’s only 45 minutes from home, nestled in the heart of Derbyshire. Had a grrrreat time, lots of walking, eating and laying around relaxing.

Here’s just a few photos. Mama especially likes the “red” photo – when you see it, you’ll know what I mean!

12 thoughts on “Buxton!

    1. Thanks for the paws-up on the red photo. Mama’s used it as my profile picture on Facebook too! I’m taking them off the Scotland shortly – just can’t get rid of them, they keep following me! Anyway, glad that Sammy is doing well.


    1. Taking them further afield shortly – headed up to Scotland for a tranquil holiday. No electricity, only gas and gas lamps! Beautiful place. Might be able to get me some more “priceless” photos. Glad you ladies are ok – read your bloggie, pig ears cream puffs or something – yummy!


  1. The RED photo says it all, hope you enjoyed at Buxton, of course any picture of a Scottie is Awesome!

    The Mad Scots


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