Finlay update

You might recall that Finlay had a scan and x-ray a couple of weeks ago. The x-ray showed a “shadowy mass” and was sent off to an expert. We had to wait 2 weeks for the results. In the meantime he was given Denamarine to support his Liver as there are doubts over its viability.

Finlay in his perky alert mode

Well, we returned to the Vets on a couple of Tuesdays ago, to be told that the expert could not conclusively identify the “shadowy mass”. The thinking was perhaps it was a shadow of Finlay’s intestines. So we arranged to repeat the scan and xray today.

I’ve just been notified by the Vet that the “shadowy mass” is no longer there – and was just that: a “shadowy mass”. However, the liver is showing signs of being “diffused” and this is normally associated with chronic liver disease, which apparently, there is no treatment for.

We have decided not to open him up as there’s nothing to be done. He will have more blood tests this afternoon to obtain some base rate figures and then every 4-6 weeks to see what changes may be occuring.

He’ll probably need to continue with the Denamarine, and be supported by a liver diet.

Finlay actually shows no outward sign of having anything wrong; he’s eating, enjoying his walks, barking at passers-by and generally doing just what a scottie does, so I’m pleased with this side of things.

So kind of good news, really. However, if any of you out there recognise what we’ve just gone through and can shed more light on the matter, please get in touch with me

2 thoughts on “Finlay update

  1. We of course have just been through the ‘shadowy mass’/liver thing. We’re soooooo happy it turned out to be nothing. Keep eating, Finlay, and barking and enjoying walks…

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


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