Reservoir Dogs

By Finlay

Yap! I get to write an article – yup, we’ve got this site back in our control for a day or two! So I thought I’d write about my new favourite walk. Its around a Reservoir – hence the title Reservoir Dogs.

I like it lots ‘cos I get let off the leash all the way round. She say’s I’m a well behaved boy and that I deserve this treat. Gus and Bobby have to remain under closer supervision – Bobby because he usually barks first, and Gus because if he wasn’t attached to Her he’d still be sniffing the very first blade of grass!

The Reservoir is very peaceful, unless you take a bag of bread with you to feed the dogs ducks and swans. We NEVER get any bread, it’s soooooo unfair, but then, as we don’t visit the Reservoir daily, I should be more considerate in allowing the ducks and swans to have some of my the bread.

I shouldn’t be too ungrateful about the food I get, especially on a Friday night (which tonight is a Friday night) as we get home-made pie from our local chippie. We get soooo much that there’s still plenty o’ pie left for Saturday night dinner as well. Yummy, although we could eat it all in one go if They let us!

We’re just waiting for Him to finish doing something on a computer, and then we’ll lobby Him to get going for our pie, whilst She gets our dishes ready.

Hope ya’ll have a great weekend. Woofs, wags and rooOOooodles to you all.

A-RooOOOoos from you ......

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