It’s All White!

We’ve still got the snow. Whilst it’s still cold (below zero at night) the snow is quite easy to walk on. We don’t need to have half baths on our return. Once the temperature rises, then the snow will turn to slush and underfoot it won’t be so pleasant.

We had a good walk around the Reservoir. Saw and heard lots of woofly wildlife. Got told off by Her ‘cos I stepped onto the Reservoirs icy coating and She panicked & screeched sooooo much, that I nearly fell over trying to return to “solid” ground. I was like those cartoon dogs, with legs running fast but getting nowhere!. No need I say, no need to panic me so much. I was in control. Until the scream.

Anyway, all safely back home. Toasty warm. Quite sleepy. But must clean my feet first.

Hope you guys have not been panicked today by your peeps.

2 thoughts on “It’s All White!

  1. Bet you’ll have to have half baths when the snow becomes slush…BOL!

    Sounds like a great walk until the screaming incident. Too bad you didn’t have a video.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


  2. Inside, toasty warm, that’s the life. Don’t worry, summer is coming. Spring training starts in 3 weeks and pitchers and catchers report next week. It may be a little chilly at night (but over freezing), but the days are glorious, 72/20-pick a number depending on which temperature scale you prefer.


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