Chatty Tuesday

Oh! If only! Now that She’s got her own blog, we can’t get to the computer anymore ….. its so unfair! We’ve got things to do, like replying to the Award thingy that Kyla mentioned and we need time to be able to do that right. So I suppose that whilst we can’t get our paws on the keyboard, we’d might as well start to jot down a few notes. Okay – so we’ll do it that way.

Finlay & the Cygnet

We’ve still be out on our walks, at least She’s not forgotten about those! The Blackbirds and Robins are building nests in our gardens, so we’ll have lots of babies to sniff out later. A Heron took one of our Ghost Carp (Jacob or Marley, she doesn’t know which) and so theres a big trellis board placed over part of the new pond to try and discourage any repeat performance. It seems that the fish like to “hang” around under this so They are thinking of putting in another bridge thingy – that’d be fun, it will be another way we can get over the pond to the other side – hope it will have paw rails like the other one – we’ll speak to Her about that.

Went camping in our motorhome last week – great fun – lots and lots of walks (not that we don’t get lots anyway – but these were different walks, with different smells and lots more pee mail to leave) She saw 4 pesky squirrels whilst we did manage to catch a glimpse of one!  Not got many photos of our long weekend, simply because we went to this place last year, and we’re going again soon, so we hear.

Anyway, She’s off the Tai Chi now. We’ve noticed that She’s not fed us …. we’ll it is rather early and we did have a late breakfast, so we’re sure we can wait a little while longer, well maybe me & Bobby can, but Gus? Now that’s a different matter.

3 thoughts on “Chatty Tuesday

  1. Bella is jealous of all those birds you have around. She has been known to murder any baby bird that falls out of a nest around here….She’s always looking.

    Do you get ducks on your pond?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


    1. No, but She’d love some ducks. He said No! Apparently they prefer VERY mucky water and do anything to get clean water very dirty. We know this because our Uncle and Auntie Peeps have chickens and ducks in their garden. The ducks have their own pond and the water is only clean for a couple of hours. We think She lives in hope that one of the wild ducks that fly over might take an interest …..


  2. Breakfast is late and you can wait? I get fed at 8:30 and 4:30 (16:30). If She isn’t on Her way to the kitchen by feeding time-I’m in Her face and Letting Her know that such a situation isn’t acceptable. I can’t tell time by looking at a clock, I just know.


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