Why Sparhawk ??

It seems to us that we’ve forgotten to really introduce ourselves. I know you all know us as Gus, Bobby and Finlay, but some of you may have wondered why we’re also called “Sparhawk”  – so we’re gonna tell you, even those of you muttering that you’re really not interested! Yeah, we can hear you …. you’d rather read about the stupid & silly stuff we find ourselves getting into trouble with, but today, we’re having a little history lesson.

Well, once upon a time …… No! No! it’s not like that. Seriously, here goes. Way before we three boys came into the world She owned and did some breeding with a distant Scottie Dog auntie of ours called Agi. Now to be able to trace your ancestry, doggies need official names as well, so She thought long and hard and came up with the name of Sparhawk and applied to the Kennel Club (in the UK) for approval – there were a few names rejected by the Kennel Club during this process. Apparently on each application you have to supply 6 name choices for their approval. She says She sent in three applications, that’s 18 name choices she had to think of, before the Kennel Club allowed Her to choose between two of her own choices. She settled on Sparhawk as the right “affix” for Her current Scottie (Agi) and for all the scotties yet to be born! Agi’s named was amended to include the Affix, and so Agi’s new name became Martimm Agnes of Sparhawk. Your own Affix gets added to the end of the name of those Scotties that you purchased from other people. So looking at Agi’s “name” you are able to determine that she was bred by someone with an affix called “martimm” and that when Agi came to live with Her, She added the “Sparhawk” to Agi’s name, thus resulting in it being Martimm Agnes of Sparhawk.

Then, along came our real mama : Little Miss Tittle-Tattle. When this little bundle of joy joined Them, They called her Isobel, but shortened it to Izzy, and promptly re-registered her with the Kennel Club so that her amended name became Little Miss Tittle-Tattle of Sparhawk – get the picture. Izzy then had three litters of scotties during her life and each one was registered with the Kennel Club. On these occasions the breeder is entitled to put their Affix first, thus the “Sparhawk” bit was added at the beginning of our doggies names.

So, to bring you all up to date, here’s our official names :

Gus : Sparhawk Ebony Prince

Bobby : Sparhawk Sapphire Knight

Finlay : Sparhawk Stormy Weather

Kelpie, our sister was called Sparhawk Aqua Palamino, and her daughter Poppy whom we see regularly is called Sparhawk Palamino Princess. Kelpie was called Kelpie before her official name was considered and They then created an official name for her. A “kelpie” is a “supernatural water horse from celtic folklore ….” so they played around with names and came up with Sparhawk Aqua (water bit) Palamino (a horse) – easy isn’t it!?!

You also have to provide two name choices on these occasions as well – She says it’s got to be much easier naming a human baby than trying to name a doggie!

Anyway, that’s a potted history of doggie names and the easy way in which you can trace our or any other doggies lineage! And also why we are called “Sparhawk Scottie Dogs”. Here endeth the lesson …. now lets get back to doing something really silly!

Hope you all  have a great weekend – it’s typical British Summer here, yes – raining like its winter!


10 thoughts on “Why Sparhawk ??

  1. Since I’m a rescue and probably a product of a Mexican puppy mill, I’m just Kyla which is an old Scottish name for a female that means “hot like a supermodel”. Since They named me that, I don’t feel the need for any modifiers. Since I have no papers or registration, it matters not.


  2. Thanks for the history lesson! very cool to have regal names like along with a more casual name 🙂 Like Kyla, we were rescued too and if we did have lineages & names like that, it is unknown to us. We like our names short tho, mostly b/c then our grand pawrents can pronounce them, BOL!


  3. Very interesting. Here, we think, a kennel name is registered…after several have been nominated, but they just stay with the dogs bred by those breeders. Bella and I have fancy names, but we never use them.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


  4. That was very interesting, how cool are special names. Susie is a puppy mill rescue so that it, Sidebite is an AKC wonder ( Like wonder how he made it) “Duffy Carbon Sidebite McBean” to majestic? I think so



    1. Whoa, Sidebite has a cool name. We wondered where that came from. Also glad to hear that Sidebite is getting over the HGE. We posted your blog onto our Facebook pages. Hope you don’t mind?


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