Finlay has a new baby!

Meet the newest arrival in the Sparhawk household – “Lio” the Lion – yeah couldn’t think of anything more suitable.

Fin only loves ONE baby. All the others get destroyed, ripped to smithereens, or their “squeakies” forcibly removed in a matter of minutes. All except THE ONE. Fin will just lick, and clean and lick and clean and ………. so we call it His Baby.

So, Dad went to London on Friday (reception at the Canadian Embassy, He got to wear a Silver Medal, offered him by a Canadian Rower – how cool is that – not that much in our doggie eyes!) and then he went to the Olympic Shop where he purchased Lio for Fin and a t-shirt for Her. Notice that me, Bobby got nothing!

Do I care, no not really, cos I stole Lio from Fin for a while and gave him a good old bite or two or three …….

You can see Fin with Lio and his original “baby” bottom left of picture.

4 thoughts on “Finlay has a new baby!

  1. I’ve never gotten close to having something like that. Destuffed and desqueaked in an instant before I even get to know it. I’m always disappointed that there’s no food on the inside.


    1. Don’t worry, Fin’s had “Baby” since 2006 so we don’t think anything else will really take its place. New baby has already had it’s foot chewed and the innards are coming out, “Baby” still has no markings at all! So it’s probably just a phase Fin’s going through!


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