It’s a blogging disaster!

Help! We’re having trouble posting comments to our fur-ends who have “Blogger” blogs – if that makes any sense! Obviously we’re able to post comments to fur-ends who have WordPress blogs, but something called our OpenID just won’t be accepted in “Blogger”. How very dare it!

Anyway, to solve the immediate problem, we’ve set up a one page blog in Blogger as we’ve discovered this lets us post comments to our “Blogger” fur-ends – but this doesn’t help them to get back to our doggie bloggie in WordPress!

We used to be able to post comments in Blogger, but we haven’t a clue what’s happened now.

Help! Does any doggie out there know what we should do?

4 thoughts on “It’s a blogging disaster!

    1. Well …. ermm ….. actually, we checked out how you did it when we saw one of your comments on a Blogger blog the other day and thought “hey, that’s how Kyla did it!” So …… we copied you! Hey aren’t we clever – but not as clever as you – so Thank You for leading the way.


  1. Tell us about it……

    We’ve had so many and varied problems with blogger. We’ve changed from Google to Google Chrome to Firefox and still it jacks up on some blogs. Drives us–or at least HER crazy!!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


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