Fabby Thursday

Oh My! Have you seen those stepping stones! They covered with water. We have problems getting across them when they are totally visible, never mind hidden by water. Hey Ho, just means we get to walk the long way round and what a grrrrreat day it is to be burdened with that option!

Whats been good about today…..?

  • Grrrrrreat walk in real good weather
  • Not having to navigate those pesky stepping stones
  • Leaving trillions of pee-mails
  • Getting half-baths, followed by biscuit treats!

9 thoughts on “Fabby Thursday

  1. Biscuits are great in any weather and for almost any reason. I’m not so sure baths qualify, even half-baths. It depends on the quality and quantity of the biscuits.


  2. I don’t believe that my two pooches would be fond of the stepping stones int he water either. :/ Especially not when it comes to the half baths…though with a biscuit as a reward in the end they may get some courage!


    1. It took Her months and months to encourage us across the stepping stones, one summer time when the water was low, but we still manage to make a mess of it even now – scottie legs too short we think to be truly agile!


    1. A half bath is: warm soapy water in a baby bath that we are gently placed in to have our legs and bellies washed after a muddy walk; we’re then wrapped up in towels, clean/lick our paws, then get a biscuit or carrot! We love it! If you “search” our blog there’s probably a post about half baths. Go on, try a half bath we’re sure you’ll love it too – though for the record we’re definitely NOT keen on having a full bath.


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