11 thoughts on “One Word Wednesday – Memories

    1. Yes it is Gus. February is full of memories: Gus would have been 14 on 12th February, and me and Finlay will be 10 years old on 14th February, and with Fin being unwell She’s not having a good time, but I do my best to keep her cheered up! RooOoodles Bobby


    1. Hey! We recall you saying that you were gonna start counting down, from 10 and we thought that was a brilliant idea (which we’ll adopt next year, hopefully, know what we mean?) ….. so therefore it’ll be your first birthday in July! So in fact, you’re not even born yet!


  1. My first scot was born on Frebruary 15. I loved each one, but it does not make the pain of the loss any less by having Sweet William.
    Sweet William The Scot


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