Belly Band!


How uncool this this!

It’s not my fault if I get caught short, is it? Its this blasted TCC thingy. I even forget I was wearing it this morning and went for a “pee”. Apparently He said the belly band actually worked – it caught my pee in the nappy liner inside it. No, They didn’t buy it, She made it, after checking out what was available on the webby thing.

Although I mentioned “uncool” no one else around here is wearing one – therefore I’m declaring it “well Dench” (apparently Dench means “cool” – makes you wonder what the human race it up to, re-inventing words that are already in existence – makes me glad I’m a Scottie!)

So, I hope everything is well Dench with you guys and that you’re having a grrrrreat weekend.

Displaying the uses of the "belly band" whilst sleeping on the settee

Displaying the uses of the “belly band” whilst sleeping on the settee

roooodles finlay


12 thoughts on “Belly Band!

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  2. I’m getting up there also. Is this sort of like “Depends” for senior dogs? They’d have to redesign it for females and I’m not quite there yet (11 in July).


  3. We just sent this post to our Auntie Kym…she is thinking of getting one for our cousin Ben who has taken to peeing on her bed *BOL*

    We think your band looks very much like a cumberband and as such is very stylish!

    Wally & Sammy


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