mmmm …. smelly fishes

I thought I’d cheer me and Fin up. So I stole Her credit card and purchased some Sea Jerky Skinny Strips made by Fish4Dogs. Not just one packet – but 20. Don’t tell Her though, but they were half price. They’re coming Express Delivery, which I hope means NOW! Oh …. where are they.


Got them from here in the UK.

Is that them arriving …….. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Come on, get them opened. We need one NOW! Patience is not a Scottie trait.

12 thoughts on “mmmm …. smelly fishes

  1. OMD!! We’ve a bag of those too!! Mom found them at our local supermarket and we just LOVE them. Only problem is…so do our sister cats so it’s a bit of a tussle to make sure we gobble them up before they catch on and try elbow in.
    Wally & Sammy


    1. She only just “found” them last month when She went to Crufts. And as they are a healthy treat She thought we’d like them and we sure do. Finlay’s a bit picky about them at the moment – all the more for me hey! Don’t let them pesky cats near your sea jerky!


  2. Those are our ABSOLUTE FAVOURITES! We just got a new supply–6 bags of various shaped fish jerky, BUT SHE only lets us have ONE before bedtime!!!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


    1. These Sea Jerky things are really great. I only get one a day as well – it’s so not fair especially as I ordered so many. We looked at the fishy “twists” – have you girls tried those?


    1. These treats are now our favourite too. Mmm ….. well they are certainly mine; Finlay is a little picky about his food at the moment. Perhaps She’ll let me have Fin’s treat if he doesn’t want it? Hope you enjoy yours too!


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