Black and white

It’s a black and white day here in the UK. What a change from the glorious weather we had for our Bank Holiday weekend.

In keeping with the black and white mood, here’s a picture of me and Mama, all cuddly together.

Black & white Bobby
We didn’t get out on a walk – far too wet. And anyway, Mama said that if I couldn’t be bothered to nip into the garden for a tiddle, She certainly wasn’t gonna get togged up and get drenched taking me out on a walk. Oh woe is me. Paws crossed for better weather tomorrow!

19 thoughts on “Black and white

  1. Cuddling during inclement weather is fun, too. Love the photo. Paws crossed for better weather.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


    1. Hey guys – you’ve got two names too! Just like susie and sidebites. Gonna have to get me two names as well! Well actually I think Mama has already given me lots of names, many of which I couldn’t pawsibly repeat ‘cos I think they’re B.A.D.


  2. Gotta love mummy cuddles.
    We’ve been walking in the rain, though mummy keeps forgetting to wear her wellies and has gone to work with wet feet for 2 days running BOL


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