Sending aid to Kyla & Kaci

Help is desperately needed by our dear friends, Kyla and Kaci out in Arizona. A new monster has arrived in their house. Go check it out if you’ve not already seen it. It needs to be removed. Now! I wanted to post this picture on Kyla’s blog, but I couldn’t figure how to do it, so I’m writing one myself. Anyway, back to the point in mind ….. Here’s a picture – it might help. If a corgi can do it then I’m darn sure a scottie of Kyla’s reputation can do the same thing. Way to go Kyla! – let me know if you guys manage to evict the intruder!


11 thoughts on “Sending aid to Kyla & Kaci

  1. What a brave Corgi. Kayla and Kaci can employ some teamwork to rout that beast at their house.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


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