Flashback Fridays

This one dates back to August 2001, so I’ve been told. That’s Her legs and feet and a hand holding onto a bottle of beer (nothing’s changed there then!) Our peeps were on their belated honeymoon in the Scottish Borders at a secluded crofters cottage literally miles from anywhere. No electricity, just gas lamps, gas cooker and a fire that had to be made every day if you wanted hot water. They said it was idyllic. They took two very good friends with them and their scotties (bred by Her of course). So in this picture you can see Agi with the chain/leather collar. She’s looking longingly at Him who is in a boat (this place had it’s own lake/loch with rowing boat and boat house & that’s them at the boat house on the decking) Agi just loved being in that boat. She would sit in the Prow as if she was a sea captain. Anyway, I digress. Also at the back is either Izzy or Kelpie (both were there) and the two on either side of Agi are William and Poppy. Poppy is still with us – we all met last week for a gathering.

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