Flashback Fridays

Now then! I thought the last Flashback was a long time ago, back to 2001, but this one – well, this goes back millions of years …..

A dinosaur footprint. This was taken at Staffin Beach on the Isle of Skye. It’s quite famous for it’s footprints of dinosaurs. There’s quite a few, but this is, apparently, by far the best. Oh, and the photo of me ….. yes over to your right and down a bit, yes that’s right, the black & white one of me on the rocks, well thats taken up there on the Isle of Skye. Brilliant place, I miss visiting it. I’ll have to have words with them and perhaps we can do a visit next year and get some up to date photos for you guys.

Anyway ….. enjoy this footprint!

Dinosaur footprint

and this is my footprint ….. not quite as old. Ha! Ha!

roooodles bobby

5 thoughts on “Flashback Fridays

  1. Wow! We never knew there were dinosaurs on Skye…guess we never thought about it before. That’s a great print. And we love your print, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


  2. Wow Bobby that’s pawsome…Momz and I have found some fossil stuffs but only little htings…neither of us has ever seen a real dinosaur paw print before…so cool!


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