Flashback Fridays


When the Snow came ….. The snow was soooo deep that Mama had to clear a path for us to plod along. This is me on my front drive, deciding which little pathway to follow. Yeah …. I know this is not as bad as some of you guys get, but for us here in the UK it brought the country to a standstill. In fact we only need one tiny tiny snowflake and we go into meltdown!!!!

17 thoughts on “Flashback Fridays

  1. BOL!! We don’t get snow here butt us South African’s go into meltdown when it rains…mom says everybuddy forgets how to drive and she uses LOTS of blue-blue-BLUE words!! Shameful…what a poor role model she is.

    Love your photo!


  2. How considerate to dig you a track for your personal use! BOL! We don’t have snow right here. Sometimes they get a little to the east of us, but we’ve never seen it.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


    1. I love the snow, especially when sitting in my window seat looking out at it! Being ‘vertically challenged’ we scots suffer when walking through it as it sticks to our fur making hard icy balls that cling, just under your armpits, making walking very difficult. The upside of this is that we make little ‘tinkling’ noises as we walk and so Mama knows exactly where we are! It takes ages to remove them though, so, that’s why I like the snow when sitting in my window seat.


  3. COOL !!! I would love to jump around in all dat white stuff. I have never seen such a things. Last winter we just had a few white flakes fall and I watched dem in amazement. I hope we get some real white stuff dis winter.
    I love this photo… ‘Decision’.


    1. Do you ever get snow where you live? If you do, just be careful. Having short legs, it kinda gets stuck to you and you find you can no longer walk properly! I like “decision” – could’ve been one on my One Word Wednesday pics. In fact, it might well be, one day!


  4. My mom does the same as yours and makes paths for me and my brother. But we like to find our own path then mom has to come and get us because we get stuck in the deep snow. Last year was good only a light coating of snow fell.


    1. Yap! We tried our own paths and got stuck like you guys. Now I rely on her doing her job properly. We don’t often get this amount of snow, but it was great roaming around the paths – our neighbours thought we were mad!


  5. Wow you got Mama to make you little trails. We get snow here, but we made our own, love to lower my head and run like a snow plow, it’s awesome, then Mom has to get all the ice cicles of ME,, oh lot of warm towels and rubbing!

    The Mad Scots


    1. I know, sad isn’t it – I really should make my own trails. However, I’ve trained her far too well. She loves having a job, so who am I to disappoint! It’s not often our peeps do as we tell them!


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