Bonfire Night


It’s Bonfire Night (or Guy Fawkes night) here in the UK. This is where we all apparently become ‘arsonists’ and set fire to very large public fires and then let off fireworks. This can sometimes occur several nights in a row and for Scotties like me who don’t like loud noises – it is very annoying.

So if you have to organise one of these events, do spare a care for all those animals who get anxious when hearing loud bangs and dazzling lights. Some of us are sensitive.

Whatever you are doing, just be very careful and don’t get injured.

14 thoughts on “Bonfire Night

  1. Being an ex-British colony and despite being independent for 44 years we too “celebrate” Guy Fawkes here in South Africa – no bonfires but there will be fireworks. Luckily we aren’t phased by fireworks butt we know they can be very upsetting other pups and kitties.
    Hope you aren’t too upset by all the noise.
    Wally & Sammy


    1. Hope you guys enjoy yourselves. Me? ……. I’ll find the darkest corner in the house to hide. But Mama will be very naughty and drag me out to so that I can sit on her knee and tremble and of course seek comfort. I know, she shouldn’t do it, she should leave me alone and not encourage my silly behaviour! That’s what Mama’s are for.


  2. Our problem is July 4th. I bet there are humans who trot around the globe to look and listen to the damn things. Duke’s birthday in Luxembourg-BANG. Another night it’s Cinco de Mayo in Mexico-BANG.


    1. Hope you’re ok Misaki. Round here Bonfire Night seems to be an excuse to start letting ‘em off right through the next couple of months till New Years Eve. Oh woe it me. Still, I’ve got Mama’s knee to curl up on.


  3. Lee must be very lucky none of her Scots were afraid of loud noises. We think everybody around us have firepits and we have to smell smoke every evening.
    Sweet William The Scot


    1. Now a smoke pit would be better. I’ve just spent the early part of this evening trying to tunnel my way behind Mama’s back whilst sitting on her chair – got myself all hot & bothered. She’s had to put the tv on to drown out the noise of fireworks!


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