One of my many homes this year!

Roughly Cottage

This was my holiday home for two weeks in July. It is a crofters cottage up the side of a mountain. The only other building you can see from here is The Hermitage in the distance. This is a fabulous cottage. It has NO ELECTRICITY, so no TV or radio. It has been updated since Mama & Dada’s last visit in 2001 because it now has solar powered lights internally.

The only noise you can hear is the bleating of the sheep scattered around the mountain and on some weekdays, the RAF do low flying over the cottage – so low that you can see the pilots!

If you want to escape from the “rat-race” as Mama calls it, then this is really the place to unwind. They holiday-ed here at least 5 times over the years with one of the holiday’s being their belated honeymoon.

16 thoughts on “One of my many homes this year!

  1. Bobby, that would be a great place to get away, looks like you could run forever, and no one to bother you!

    The Mad Scots


  2. Mom just melted right off her chair…she says that cottage is possibly the most arooootiful thing she has seen in ages and she’d love to holiday there with us, dada and a BIG stack of books.
    We’re glad to see we’re at least included in her imaginary holiday plan *HURRUMPH*
    Wally & Sammy


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