Flashback Friday


Apologies about the Photo, bit over-exposed – but this is Mama (crouching down) and Me (a black blob) in the Show ring at Crufts. Think I mentioned out show career before, so I won’t bore you with a repeat. This was probably in March 2004 – but who cares? I don’t anymore!

12 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. Show or no show a Scottie is a Scottie, is a Scottie – you qualified, bravo ! – but you still slurp from running rivers and roll in sand and bark your head off when you think it is the case, because a Scottie is a Scottie, is a Scottie, is a Scottie ! thank god! I mean it as the highest compliment.


  2. You look very well behaved, how long did that last ?
    Oh, and if Fabi starts playing you up, threaten her with a trip to Crufts !


    1. My behaviour in the “show-ring” was erratic – if the other boys played up, then so did I – Mama didn’t like it at all as I used to spin round and round on the lead – one of the many years she decided enough was enough!


  3. I could never understand a terrier who would like to show. Being groomed like that, having to “prance” around a ring. You know we would prefer chasing and hunting critters! That said, you looked might-T-Fine as a show dog…but I am glad you are now enjoying just being a normal river slurping Scot!
    Happy Friday.


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